Work tables and guards for furnishing new reception area for goods reception.

Vandewiele, machine builder for the textile industry.

In the workflow optimalisation of Vandewiele’s new warehouse, there was a need for a new reception area for the daily flow of many packages needed to be stored in the crates warehouse. Aluvice (Easy Systems) was asked to build 4 new workstations. The delivered parcels arrive via a transport system and are received on the new work tables. As the storage would be in crates, part of the table was fitted with ball pots. In addition, a HPL table top was provided. In addition, Aluvice also supplied trolleys with roller conveyor for transporting filled bins.

Also, for the safety of employees, Aluvice provided a guard for the goods lift, supplied by Easy Systems.

Type construction: Work tables & packing tables

Sector: Logistics

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