Your supplier for aluminium machine building profiles and constructions

Aluvice is the B2B supplier for aluminium profiles and constructions for industrial applications. High-quality, great flexibility and customised advice allow you to be sure of a solution that meets your expectations and conditions, and that creates an added value on your work floor.

  • Large supply of most common profiles and accessories
  • More than 25 years of experience in the market
  • Compatible with large brand names such as ITEM and BOSCH
  • From delivery to on-site installation
  • Suitable for the widest array of applications
4,6/5 score by our customers
Very happy with the speed and provided service!
With their knowledge and advice Aluvice really makes a difference.
A premium construction developed by the Aluvice team. It’s surprising how they managed to develop a specific solution using standard products.
Quick delivery and with a more than decent price to quality ratio!
Aluvice delivered our constructions with documentation and some extra advice after delivery. This facilitated the assembly substantially. Talk about a nice cooperation!

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About aluvice

Aluvice: where aluminium profiles and personalised advice assemble

Aluvice is the B2B supplier for machine construction profiles and constructions. Furthermore, we not only sell high-quality aluminium profiles and constructions; we make the difference for you by offering our tailored services and advice.

Because every company and every application is different. It makes sense that your constructions and profiles are in line with what we offer. The result is a solution that meets your conditions.

How can we make the difference for you?

Personalised advice

We are happy to deliver your materials but we like to go the extra mile. Inform us on the purpose of your aluminium profiles and/or constructions and we’ll tailor our advice to your situation.

High quality

Be sure of profiles, connections and applications that are of high quality. Aluminium products that are suited for the most varied applications and that are compatible with large brand names in the market, such as ITEM and BOSCH.

Fast and flexible assembly

Thanks to their modular nature, all our products are quick and easy to assemble. You can integrate them into your existing processes with ease. Expansions afterwards? No problem at all.

Tailored to your company or your request

You are looking for a specific solution for your production or distribution environment. Trust our personalised advice, where we look for the right aluminium profiles and/or constructions that match your specific demand.

Cost-efficient thanks to modular components

By decisively choosing modular standard profiles and components, we are able to develop aluminium constructions at a very cost-efficient price tag. That way, we assemble the best of customisation and standardisation.

We are ready for you.
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